One of my biggest supporters was my grandfather, Bob.

Bob was always eager to hear stories of what I would be pointing my telescope at in the near future, what new equipment I was planning to order and always wanting to see photos, even the same ones as the week before.

He was always amazed by how much astronomy equipment had improved from when he was interested in astronomy. Sometimes I would setup my equipment to do an imaging run and once the kids were in bed I would take my laptop down to his house and we would log into my Astro PC to watch the images come in. He would happily sit and watch the timer count down, visibly excited to see what image would come through. He would eagerly ask me to 'click the thing', which was to stretch the raw image to let him see what data was hidden in the darkness.

Unfortunately Bob passed away at the start of February, 2017. He is greatly missed but I am extremely grateful for all the time I got to spend with him and also for the fact that he got to meet my kids, my son often reminds me that 'Granda Bob' is up in the stars.